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Ancienne Belgique

Communication system

Design Prototyping User testing A11Y

Together with the AB-marketing team, I developed a fully functioning prototype for their complete online communication flow. I also coached the company in doing in-house user testing​ and developing a consistent brand voice.

About Ancienne Belgique

The Ancienne Belgique is one of the leading concert venues in Belgium. It introduces exciting new and established artists to as broad a range of music enthusiasts as possible. With a passion for music and love for the audience. Visit site

Design + prototyping

Throughout several sprints, I prototyped a fully functioning front-end for the website, e-mail templates, ticketing system and in-house TV monitors. By using real datasets and a responsive prototype, it was easy to create all the various states of a component and test it directly on the different platforms.

  • Buy ticket component

    Base component

  • Buy ticket component: free state

    State: free concert

  • Buy ticket component: soldout state

    State: soldout

  • Buy ticket component: moved state

    State: moved

A few designed pages from the Ancienne Belgique prototype
In-house tv-monitors showing upcoming concerts

TV monitors

An alternative view of the concert pages is used to show upcoming concerts on the TV monitors in the concert hall.​

Ancienne Belgique's ticketing checkout design

Ticketing system

By using the prototype to maintain all the assets and styles, it was easy to create a consistent look for the ticketing system.

E-mail templates

A consistent style was created for the various e-mail templates. The ticketing system and website messages have a basic functional design while the newsletters have a more elaborate design that's closer to the website's concert pages. ​

Ancienne Belgique's e-mail templates

Documentation & development

I coached the marketing team to create a design persona so the new style could be easily maintained in the future. Additionally, a technical pattern library was included in the prototype to ensure a smooth handover to the development team.​

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Online style guide for internal use and partners