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Cross-platform application

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I worked alongside the Mealhero team to create their connected steamer's companion app. I focussed on the core features and designed a flexible system that can grow to their future needs.

About Mealhero

The Mealhero team aims to deliver tasty and healthy food by combining home-delivered freshly frozen meals and a smart steamer. Visit site


Because the budget was limited, the Mealhero team was closely involved with the creation of the wireframes and the design. Over one week, we created multiple iterations to create a global style and set up the scope for the first version of the app.​

  • Mealhero briefing


  • Mealhero wireframe


  • Mealhero design: iteration 1

    Iteration 1

  • Mealhero design: final design

    Final design

Ionic framework

I designed the app on top of the Ionic framework . By tweaking the core components and adding a few custom ones, it was possible to create a custom look while keeping development costs low.

Mealhero components overview

From wireframe to development

By working closely together, we managed to design the app in just two weeks. The toolkit of components also makes the design flexible so they can easily add new features in the future.​

Mealhero app screens