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Mrs & Mr.

Visual identity and website

Visual identity Front-end development CraftCMS

I developed a flexible identity system and website for two freelancers. The challenge was to create a single system that could adapt to each person's separate content and services while maintaining a visual link between the two.

About Mrs. and Mr.

Mrs. Marinka is a digital project manager, and Mr. Hannes is a product designer. They work separately on their own clients but also team up to organise hackathons. Visit site


I started the project with a kickoff meeting, where we looked at various styles and websites. After we established a general direction, I worked on some rough logo sketches to explore different type options, shapes and colours.​​

Mrs. & Mr. logo sketches

Rough logo sketches.


After we established a general direction, I designed a visual identity system that was applied to business cards, the website​ and various assets for social media channels.

Mrs. & Mr. business cards
Mrs. & Mr. photography

Photography by Ine Dehandschutter.

Mrs. & Mr. main brand avatar

Multiple themes

The website was built on CraftCMS . It uses a single instance with various colour themes which switch automatically depending on the section you are visiting. Visit site

Mrs. & Mr. website