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Iterative design

Visual identity Front-end development CraftCMS

As a big supporter of the maker movement, I help to build Nerdlab's online presence with the help of short design sprints. By creating and iterating regularly, we're periodically launching new stuff while keeping the budget in check.

About Nerdlab

Nerdlab conducts a constant experiment on how creativity and technology interact in informal education. They make things together and build wicked art installations. Meanwhile, they teach each other grand skills. Visit site

An ongoing process

By setting small goals and doing quick iterations, I design and build together with the Nerdlab team.

  • Set a goal

    Define the scope and desired outcome within a fixed timing.

  • Build

    Create a prototype, new feature or design.

  • Launch

    Working together with the team to launch a finished product.

  • Learn and improve

    The result can either be a one-off experiment or can be tweaked in the next design sprint.

Nerdlab t-shirts and website mockup

Nerdlab t-shirt and website

Multi-site with CraftCMS

The Nerdlab site and it's subsites run on a single CraftCMS instance. This way, content can be distributed on several sites. The advantage is a lowered development cost by reusing existing components.

Illustration showing the CraftCMS content distribution of a blog post on multiple sites

Global content (e.g. a blog post) is available to post on a single or multiple sites

Mutation festival

For the annual Nerdlab conference, I designed a new brand, website and various visuals for use on event material and social media. Visit site

Mutation festival website screens
Mutation festival t-shirts and water bottle design

Mutation festival website, t-shirts and water bottles


Mini-site for a Nerdlab educational project focussing on virtual reality. I designed a new visual identity and developed a simple site where people could register for the project. Visit site

Stoom website and logotype

Stoom website and logotype