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Roaring & Gentle Sustainable design & development

Roaring and Gentle - Sustainable design & development

Sustainable websites* for non‑profit organisations and responsible companies


* CraftCMS, Wordpress and Shopify websites for a broad audience with a minimal footprint.

What is sustainable design?



Ghent, Belgium


  • What I work on

    Easy-to-use, accessible and lightweight

    Digital design

    • Logo design
    • Visual identity
    • Design systems
    • Website theming
    • Art direction
    • Ethical design 101


    • CraftCMS
    • Wordpress
    • Shopify


    • Accessibility
    • Performance
    • Carbon footprint reduction


I've collaborated with agencies, government and non-profit organisations.

Latest article

  1. A sustainable design mindset

    Once in a while, I go down the rabbit hole of evaluating the value of my work. It's a yearly exercise that inspires me to keep reading and learning. I would like to share some of my recent findings.

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Roaring and Gentle
is the design practice of Dieter Peirs.

For the past 19 years, I've worked as a designer on brand identity, print and web projects. Currently, I focus on building sustainable websites as a designer and front-end developer.

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