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Thoughts and insights on building low-carbon websites

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  1. Everyone benefits from accessible websites

    A typical website aims to meet the needs of your audience. But does it account for all users and situations? If inclusivity is important to you, incorporating accessibility into your design process is essential. In fact, adding accessibility offers additional benefits.

  2. A sustainable design mindset

    Once in a while, I go down the rabbit hole of evaluating the value of my work. It's a yearly exercise that inspires me to keep reading and learning. I would like to share some of my recent findings.

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  1. Sara Soueidan

    Hi, I’m Sara! I specialize in inclusive design implementation.

  2. Dave

    I'm Dave Rupert, co-founder of Luro, lead developer at Paravel, and co-host of ShopTalk. I'm married to the drummer of a mid-2000s indie rock band and I'm a dad to two wonderful kids. I live in Austin, TX.

  3. Brad Frost

    I'm Brad Frost, a design system consultant, web designer, speaker, writer, and musician located in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA.

  4. Max Böck

    I’m a front-end developer and co-founder of Codista, a software studio in Vienna. I also write about the web on my blog and elsewhere.


    An accessibility nerd, front-end developer, components enthusiast, web standards fan and tech ethics explorer.

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