Designer and front-end developer

Portrait image of Dieter Peirs

For the past 15 years, I've worked as a designer on identity, print and web projects. Currently, I focus on interactive projects as a designer and front-end developer.

I believe the future of the web is sustainable, simple to use and accessible to all. To achieve this, I balance aesthetics, experience and efficient code. I collaborate with authentic brands, businesses and start-ups to solve design problems which benefit their business and the end-user.

On the side, I'm conquering my fear of heights by climbing up and down walls. My daily yoga practice keeps my mind and body flexible, and I enjoy noodling on my guitar and making silly noises with my synthesiser.


  • Design illustration: abstract brand visual

    Digital branding and design

    Visual identity UI design Usability Workshops & Coaching

    I can help you convert your visual identity into a digital design system and apply it to your website or application.

  • Prototyping illustration: browser window with code


    Interactive prototypes Design systems Design sprints User testing

    Need a proof of concept for your next app or website? I build responsive prototypes in weekly sprints or within a fixed scope.

  • Prototyping illustration: browser window with code

    CraftCMS development

    CSS architecture Theming Accessibility Performance

    A stable and flexible CMS for companies who want a tailored design for their content or marketing site.


  • Positive

    By keeping a positive mindset in discussions and critiques, we can achieve better results together.

  • Inclusive

    Technology and the web should be accessible to all. I design and advocate for WCAG 2.0 standards and challenge my code to follow the current A11Y best practices.

  • Ethical

    ​​I want to help build an ethical and open web with respect for human rights, human effort and human experience.