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I work together with you to create a sustainable website.

  • Styleguide for AB concerts

    Branding & digital design

    I can help you create your visual identity and apply it to your website.


    • Logo design
    • Digital identity
    • Interface design
    • Website theming
  • CraftCMS content model


    I primarily work with CraftCMS. A stable and flexible CMS for companies who want a tailored design for their content or marketing site.


    • HTML & CSS
    • CraftCMS
    • Wordpress
    • Headless
    • Eleventy &
    • Accessibility audit
  • Slides from an ethical design workshop


    Get started with sustainable and ethical design in your organisation. Learn how to communicate about design and give respectful critique.


    • Sustainable design
    • Ethical design
    • Design communication
    • Design critique

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